About the Project

Introduction of the Industry and Project

Hong Kong Printing Industry

Printing is ubiquitous in life, it helps totransfer knowledge, spreads civilization, conveys creativity, and enhances convenience and color to life. Hong Kong printing industry has more than a hundred years of history and has kept pace with the times. It has become one of the world’s major printing centers, with diversified product types and customers all over the world. At the same time, it provides printing services for all kind of local industries, which facilitates daily life of citizens and promotes social and economic development. Hong Kong printing industry is not only an essential manufacturing industry, but also one of the major creative industries. It has contributed a lot to the development of cultural and creative industries.

“Print 4.0” Project

“Print 4.0” is regarded as a new industrial revolution, its idea is to combine Industrial IoTs (Internet of Things) to integrate existing resources, improve manufacturing process, so as to enhance productivity to response market needs promptly. Today, smart production has already become an irreversible trend.

The Hong Kong Printers Association launches the project “Towards ‘Print 4.0’ - to meet the challenges and opportunities in future for Hong Kong Printing Industry” with the support of the “Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Development Fund” by the Trade and Industry Department, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government. In this project, “Industry 4.0” upgrade and transformation of the printing industry is named as “Print 4.0”. It aims to facilitate Hong Kong printing industry to hold the opportunity, help Hong Kong printing SMEs to understand the strategic approach of "Print 4.0", formulate sector-specified criterion of "Print 4.0" smartification level, upgrading blueprint and implementation guidebooks to help local printing industry to move towards “Print 4.0”, to open new opportunities and increase competitiveness.



To help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of the Hong Kong printing industry to understand the strategic approach of "Print 4.0", which includes global industrial development, digitalization and machine IoT, etc.


To formulate sector-specified criterion of “Print 4.0”smartification level, upgrading blueprint and implementation guidebooks to help local printing industry to move towards “Print 4.0”.


Experienced over 80 years of development, the Hong Kong Printers Association (HKPA) moves with the times, introduces new affairs to match up industry need. Today, it has become a representative printing organization in Hong Kong, facing China and connecting with the world. It endeavors to uplift the competitiveness of printing industry and strives for welfare for the industry.

Over the years, the association has established a close relationship of mutual trust with local and foreign organizations and government departments. In particular, it has maintained close cooperation with organizations in various parts of China to exchange information and make full use of its advantages to promote the construction of a world printing center. In addition, the Hong Kong Printing Industry Association is a member of the steering committee of the world printing and Communication Forum (WPCF).

Throughseminars, study missions, luncheons and social activities, its publication, Hong Kong Print Media (HKPM), its website, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, HKPA circulates the industry and the association updates, strengthens industry cohesion and promote industry development.

Advanced Printing Technology Centre (APTEC) is the subsidiary of HKPA. It helps facilitate the transfer of technologies and enhances the competitiveness of the industry through its professional training and consultation services. It also commits to promote standardization and best practice of printing. Besides, its representative was appointed as one of the China's ISO TC130 Experts and member of National Technical Committee 170 on Printing of Standardization Administration of China.

Collaborating Organisation
Project Committee

Project Committee Member

Project Committee is formed by members of organizer-The Hong Kong Printers Association and implementation agent Hong Kong Productivity Council.

Steering Committee Member

Steering committee of the “Print 4.0” project was formed by representatives from industry association, scholars from educational institutions and independent experts. They monitor the progress of the entire project, and formulate the selection criteria to elect 15 pilot companies from the printing SMEs in Hong Kong.

Mr. LAU Hoi Tung, Moby

Honorary President, The Hong Kong Printers Association

Mr. LOK Wai Ho, Clarence

Chairman, Hong Kong Printing and Publishing Media Industry Workers Union

Mr. SHAN Ming Yin, Raymond

Principal Consultant, Industry 4.0 and Additive Manufacturing, Hong Kong Productivity Council

Dr. LAM Wai Keung, Wallace

Principal, IVE (Institute of Vocational Education) (Kwun Tong), VTC

Ms. CHENG Kar Wai, Joanna

SIPP Life Member, Institute of Print-Media Professional Director, C Man Company Limited